The Difference

Furniture installation has been synonymous with dust, debris, damage and delays. With 30 years of professional experience, Turn Key Office has developed a unique installation process called Smart Install® and a proprietary software called TIMS® (Total Installation Management System). The result of Smart Install® and TIMS®, working cohesively, creates an intelligent installation process for today’s installation needs and gives our clients unprecedented service, efficiency, flexibility, and peace of mind.

Turn Key Office brings experience, knowledge, skill, TIMS® and Smart Install® to every project. With our professional team members Turn Key Office embraces a high standard of installation. Our customers and end-users can expect to receive the best quality of craftsmanship in the industry on their project.


Smart Install® is a sophisticated and innovative system which allows Turn Key Office to complete up to 40% of the installation process at our operations center. Our operations center is key to our Smart Install® process by allowing the in-house installation team begin the first stages of Smart Install®. Smart Install® was developed based on years of industry knowledge and complete understanding of receiving, delivery and installation.

How It Works:

Your shipment arrives at our Operation Center and the B.O.M. is checked for accuracy. Product is unpacked with the packing materials separated for recycling. Once unboxed, all products are inspected for defects and damages. The next stage is separating the product into TKO’s installation categories where it is processed through pre-assembly by our in-house installers. The pre-assembled product is rolled onto TKO’s specially designed trucks in sequence of installation allowing for onsite installation immediately upon arrival. An organized, clutter free job site is an integral component to the timely completion of the work.


TIMS®, TKO’s proprietary management system and tracking software, allows real-time tracking for every detail of an installation. With TIMS®, and TKO’s dedicated project managers, clients can receive regular, detailed updates on all phases of the project, from quote to final walk-through.

Key features TIMS® captures:

  • Scope of Work
  • Related Project Numbers
  • Received Product
  • Delivery Schedule
  • Project Management
  • Floor/Phase Separation
  • Point of Contact(s)
  • Site Visit Notations
  • Project Status

Operation Center

Turn Key Office has a 90,000 square foot operation center comprised of 18 dock doors, multiple staging locations, and ample equipment to handle product. The most prominent part of our operation center are the in-house installers who perform the first stages of Smart Install®.  It is at the operation center where product is received, unboxed, inspected, pre-assembled, and staged for delivery. If a project is postponed, the operations center has a rack system in place to store product.

How product arrives on-site creates a great deal of difference for an installation project. This is why TKO’s in-house installers are continuously looking for opportunities to improve the on-site installation process through the pre-assembly process.  Managing the products assembled state in the operation center prior to delivery, provides the on-site team a more efficient install.

Environmental Awareness

Turn Key Office choose to be Eco-Friendly and improve the worlds environment by recycling responsibly. We partnered with several vendors who recycle our excess cardboard, metal, plastic and trash. With an aggressive recycling program, we have kept millions of pounds of packing material out of local landfills.